How does Vaway verify its Hosts?

We require Hosts to create a profile with photos and other information to enable the Traveler/Rentee to get an idea about them and their space. We are fully integrated with Facebook as well and many members are verified through facebook. If a member does not show sufficient information, you can contact them and request more if you want. The best way to screen Hosts is by checking their ranking which is built through reviews and endorsements. These are posted directly to their respective profiles to give you points of personal reference about them.

Can I see more photos of the space listed?
Hosts are required to upload photos of their space for the Traveler/Rentee. Additional photos that previous Travelers/Rentees have taken themselves are available on the main property listings page at the bottom next to reviews.

How do you safeguard me from falling prey to scams?
With increasing scamming on the internet nothing is 100% safe. For your peace of mind, payments are only released 24 hours after a successful check-in. This offers security for the Host as they need only to wait for a transfer and a Traveler/Rentee has the security that in the unlikely event that the accommodation is not as listed we still have control of your payment to enable us to help you find another space.

Why are there different prices for different dates?

Hosts may use flexible pricing for holidays; i.e. Easter/Christmas. You can check the calendar to check any differences in prices for your preferred dates of travel. You can also check to see if there are prices included in the description of the listing. If you are still unsure please contact the Host through the site.

Why do I need to create a profile?
By creating a profile you allow other members of our community to learn more about you. This negates the need to repeatedly send information about yourself every time you are contacted by a Traveler/Rentee as they can simply click on your profile to view more. Please be aware that some Hosts may require a completed Traveler/Rentee profile before they will accept a booking request (check listing descriptions to see if this is the case).

Where can I find the listing address?
In order to protect the privacy of Hosts and to allow Traveler/Rentee to gain knowledge of the area, we show the street view of the general area. The address and other contact information are only made available after a booking has been confirmed.

What are the different property types available?
There are 4 Rental Categories Vacation Rentals, Apartments Housing (Long Term Only 6 months or Longer), Sublets (Monthly), and Rooms Shared. Within those categories is the type of room it is which could be one of the following types, A shared room is one you can expect to share with other Traveler/Rentee. A private room is one you will have the sole use of. An entire place means you will have whole space at your disposal.

What can I expect as a Traveler/Rentee?
As a Traveler/Rentee in our community you will be someone who doesn’t favor staying in when Travelling/Renting, but prefers a more personal and cultural experience. Online payments for long term and short term rentals make things much easier on the Owner and Traveler/Rentee. We aim to offer spaces catering to different tastes, experiences and budgets.

Why aren’t there any reviews for a listing I like?
Some Hosts may be new, which means they would not have any reviews as they will not have any completed bookings.

Am I required to pay a deposit?
Hosts may demand a fully refundable deposit but only if they stipulate this and the amount in their listing. Deposits are Held by Vaway until the online property rental transaction dates are completed. After this period of time a Traveler/Rentee will receive their deposit back in full after 7 days if no damages or additional expenses justified by the owner to be paid have occurred. In the event that there is an amount that needs to be subtracted from the deposit and paid out to the Host Vaway will deduct the amount requested and pay to the Host directly. For your safety and security you should never exchange money before you check-in. If you prefer not to pay a deposit then you will need to search for a Host who does not require one. 

Are pets allowed?
Hosts should stipulate this in their description and in their edit property options.

Can I view the listing on a map?
Click on the map option and the general location of the listing will be revealed. The address will only be made available when a booking has been confirmed.

How can I make direct contact with a Host?

Contact is handled wholly through the site up until a booking request is confirmed. Only then will you be given access to Host information and you will be able to make contact directly. This allows us to provide you with customer service and maintain your privacy and adherence to our Terms & Conditions.

Why hasn’t the Host got a completed profile?
If this is the case and, you require more information you can contact the Host and request that they complete their profile and/or upload a profile picture. If you require a Host has a complete profile to request a booking, please stipulate this in your profile.

How do I search available spaces?
Type the city or place you want to visit in the search box.
Input your dates of travel using the calendar. 
Specify the number of Traveler/Rentee’s.
Specify the property type you prefer to stay in.
Click Search."


Making a booking

What do I do if my card doesn’t work?
We accept all Major credit cards through Paypal.

What should I do if the number of Traveler/Rentee’s changes?
You must contact the Host directly in regard to any changes that occur. Please be aware that any terms of your booking are fixed in accordance with the total amount paid and that you may be subject to extra charges. If you are unable to reach the Host by email or phone number on listing page or in contact information received please email us at http://vaway.com/contactus

What happens if the Host doesn’t show?
If a Host is not at the space upon arrival, please contact us here immediately and we will hold the sending of the payment. The Host will not receive any money and be identified on our site. We will of course do all we can to help you find an alternative place to stay. http://vaway.com/contactus

What do you charge a Traveler/Rentee for using your service?

The Traveler/Rentee charge is 10% on the sum total of a listing, i.e. if the sum total is $200 we would charge $20 and require a payment of $220. We charge this nominal fee for the processing and handling of transactions.

What payment methods can I use?
Vaway accepts most major credit cards and payments through PayPal.

How do I get keys for the space?
Once a booking has been confirmed you will need to arrange this with the Host directly.

If a booking request is declined or expired, will I still be charged?

You will only ever need to pay when a booking is confirmed.

How do I check-in when I arrive at my accommodation?
After a booking has been confirmed you will need to arrange your check-in details directly with your Host by emailing or phoning them after receiving their contact information which we will send you after a booking has been confirmed.

How do I get to the space when I arrive?
You are invited to contact the Host if you need details on how to reach your destination from your point of entry but ultimately the responsibility is your own.

Where can I view the details of pending booking requests?
Login and go to your calendar in dashboard menu and you will be able view any pending booking requests under “Waiting for Acceptance”. You may also go to “My Properties” in your dashboard and see pending request. You will also be able to cancel pending bookings from both of these areas.

What do I do if there has been no communication from the Host since I booked?
We suggest that, as soon as a booking has been confirmed and full contact information has been released, you contact the Host immediately. Then you can arrange everything you need with, i.e. collecting keys, transfer from point of entry etc. If you still have no success after a day or two please contact us here and we will contact you as soon as we can. http://vaway.com/contactus

When do I pay?
When a Host confirms a booking it will be necessary for you to pay for it in full at this time. Vaway will only send payment to a Host, 24 hours after a successful check-in. If this is a long term rental the Rentee will need to go into your Paypal connections Tab in your dashboard and connect your Paypal account. Recurring billing will automatically go through this to pay the Host on a monthly recurring payment deducted from your Paypal.

Where can I print a receipt for my records?
Login and go to Calendar in the Dashboard you may print receipt from the properties table in this section. Click on listing and from this page you will be able to view and print the itineraries of your prior or imminent travel. These will also act as your receipts.

What happens after I submit a booking request?
Once a booking has been requested we will send the Host an email alerting them of the request. He/She will have 24 hours to respond and we will send an email to you once he accepts/declines or when there is no response.

Cancellation Policies

What are cancellation policies?
As a Traveler/Rentee you may be subject to one of three Cancellation Policies which Hosts can connect to their listings. Host may Research the policies inside their listing Profile “My Properties”under Edit. Traveler/Rentee will see these policies during checkout on property.  You will be bound once you submit a booking request and it is accepted.

What do I do if a Host cancels my booking?
If a Host cancels a booking, we will notify you via email which will include a link to alternative accommodations available for the same dates and city. We do ask them to only cancel as a very last resort as it is a great inconvenience to your travel plans. We also ask they do as much as they can to find an alternative solution before cancelling your booking. If a Host claims to have cancelled and you have not received an email from Vaway please contact us http://vaway.com/contactus and we will try to help you as quickly as we can.

How long will it take to receive a refund?
Refunds issued to credit/debit cards may take 5-7 business days to be processed and refunds repaid to PayPal accounts are instantaneous.

How do I cancel a booking?
Go into your booked property under Calendar and cancel booking. We will then proceed with any refund in accordance with the particular terms and conditions of the cancellation policy attached to the listing at the time of confirmation. Please be aware that all service fees are non-refundable.

Reviews and Endorsements

A Host posted a negative review. What can I do?
We want to build a community that is transparent which means having honest and open reviews or endorsements to work. Once posted, reviews cannot be removed. Do not be overly concerned with a negative review as Hosts take all of your reviews into account when deciding upon a booking. If you are given a negative review, ensure that you learn from it. Bear in mind that you should be as amenable as possible when staying with a Host or in a space. This way you will have nothing to worry about.

How do reviews work?
After each booking has been successfully completed, we will send an email to both Traveler/Rentee and Host directing them to leave a review for one another. Reviews allow you to increase your ranking.

How can I get reviews?
After a successfully completed booking we send the Host an e-mail directing them to review their stay with you. Once submitted, the review will show on your listing page to provide future Hosts a point of reference about you.

Is Vaway on Facebook or Twitter?
Yes, become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter



Is Vaway hiring?
Yes! We are heavily recruiting as we are looking to expand the Vaway team. If you are interested in being part of our team send an email to jobs@Vaway.com. 

How can I change my password if I want to?

What can I do if I forget my password?


How can I contact Vaway?
For general enquiries contact us here. If you need to contact us urgently email http://vaway.com/contactus and will get back to you as soon as we can.